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Any one who wants to know why I choose to have a female charicter. It is simple, I chose it cause I wanted to. I am not gay I just show my love for females differntly then other males. I do not want to explain it again. It is just how it is. I have figured out that through out my life sofar that I was put on this planet to help others to an extent and to the best of my ability to help them. In Second Life I have ran [planed and hosted] events. One for a friend's opening of there sim after transitioning it from another type of sim [wont get in to details], the rest where on my birthday and to celebrate that holiday. I love to write stories, I have one story done that I am happy with. Altho it still has some work to be done on it, I am still going to release it [spelling, grammer, and sentences. I am still waiting for my editer to get back to me on it.]
 On the front page I mentioned the silver dragon named Guardian ThelDrakis Shadona Kadintra. That is her fullname. If you want call me crazy, Thel is real, she is a astral dragon. There are as far as I know 2 Astral dragons and 1 maby 2 dragon souls. astral dragons are dragons who are on the astral plane for one reason or another. They come to our world because they are summoned here by there partner. Astral dragons when they are in public hide from every one but there partner, that is unless they trust some one. Then they will appear to that person also if they feel like it. Thel is my partner and well I could not have asked or summoned anyone [dragon] better. We get along, we undestand eachother.
 Dragon souls are differnt, they are the spirit of the dragons who didnt go to the astral plane and were resurected in a human body.[I need to conferm this with my friend who is a dragon soul. I have not heard from her since her last email.]

Skype ABT
Current Age: 23
Interests: video games, books, archery, and computers
Favourite movie: Resident Evil Seires, and bloodrayn
Favourite band or musician: nightmare
Favourite genre of music: varies depending if i like the music
Favourite artist: at the current Draggonmon of dragonmon studios
Favourite poet or writer: Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, Clive Custler
Operating System: WINDOS XP
Favourite game: World Of Worldcraft, SecondLife
Favourite gaming platform: Game Cube, wii
Favourite cartoon character: dunen from apple seed, and clare from claymore
Personal Quote: if its no challenge, its no use doing

NOTE: if you im me in sky for video or any other illicit ims you will be reported. i do not appreciate getting interupted talking with friends.

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