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My Life as a Blue Haired Sorceress


Welcome to The Silver Dragon's Den. Guardian ThelDrakis Shadona Kadintra is the dragon who lives here. We are a proud to announce our comic My Life as a Blue Haired Sorceress comic. Also please sign the traveler's codex [guest book], we would love to know how you like our home and comic.

  For those of you who have read the comic SHIFTERS. it has RETURNED. 

The Silver Dragon's Den, where the dragons share their spoils!

NOTE: I work slowly, so please bare with me. I will produce updates as I am able to. I noticed durring a class assignment that there is another silver dragons den registered in august 2, 2003. We are not affaliated with them. as the copyright info says on the bottum we have been here since  1994. this is when i first began building my webpages wireframe. From what i have viewed of their site they dont have anything about dragons on their page other then a card game "token" pictures. 

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