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I know this is a pain since im still learning everything, but i have noticed some people love to abuse the liency of the site's chat. i will be fair and mod these rules as i can. i run by a rule called rp consent rule. yeah ok so you can claim its god mod but it isnt. it means i have not given you permission to do your action. so say you shoot me with a gun. i alone can say if it hits or not. i have noticed some will agree a "poison" dart hits them and the poison affects them but they can shrug it off without a real reason like they have used a serum to counter it or they are immune because they were affected before. not oh you used a human dose not dragon. that i dont agree with because well you said it affected you so you are saying it is ment for your species.

here is a rp rule listing where i learned about this. these rules semi will be the rules for my tavern.

i know some love to use guns but those can be abused at times. please keep your weapons in their holster unless you need them for defence.

god modding, it is a realy broad topic. but here is the basic "law" on that to me. if you powergame/metagame or basicaly say your invincible beyond your charicters specs and the community[the channel]'s fun lvl. geuss what YOUR GODMODDING.

please check all goddmodding at the door to my establishment. thank you.


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